Rocking Unicorn 3D Cake class
by Anna Austin
@ Delhi NCR
Class – Duration 2 days
Timings : 9 am to 7 pm
Dates : 7th-8th December 2019

Venue : studio cake O'Luv, sector 45, Noida .
Studio Cake O'LUV presents in association with Cake Canvas – happiness in a box’ , a 2 days’ course in making a delightful unicorn which sways gently to the slightest touch.

On the program:
The course charts its well-planned way through-
Structural Assembly for the rocking architecture behind the concept. This concept can be replicated across various cake themes which will rock to the swaying motion – like a cradle or a rocking chair.
Followed by the talented Anna guiding the class through the rigors of sculpting the unicorn while spilling some of her trade mark secrets on the way.
• Building the rocking structure
• Carving and ganashing the 3D unicorn cake
• Working with Rice Krispy Treats
• Anna Austin Modelling Paste
• Finishing the fondant covered cake.


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